Why Practical Skills Are In Demand

Having a practical education in any number of areas is in high demand as it brings well-honed skills to the job at hand. When companies or health facilities hire staff they must have practical education that will allow them to come to the table already well-versed in the skills as well as the rules and regulations that apply to their role.

Practical Education in the Medical Field

Whether someone is a nurse or a personal support worker there are many rules and regulations that come with the job. Hospitals and other health care facilities expect their staff to be well aware of the dangers, laws and proper procedures required when working in a health care environment. An understanding of personal protective equipment, proper protocols for sanitation and disinfecting tools and other equipment and a good understanding of patient care is an absolute must in the medical field.

Practical Education in Business

It is not possible for a company to feel confident hiring someone to manage their business or their books without a practical education in accounting or business management. Most companies hiring employees to perform duties such as marketing, office management, accounting and payroll administration require credentials indicating practical education has been received.

Legal Services

Law clerks and paralegals also require practical education following basic law premise and research skills. Legal principles, practices and procedures will prepare students to work in a legal office. Most law offices would not have the time nor the budget to invest in a legal 101 course to train those without a practical education in basic legal procedures. Again proof of certification will be required.

Technology Applications

Jobs in the technology industry also require the proper education that will allow employees to perform duties such as technical support, computer issue trouble shooting, network set-up and the proper installation of hardware and software. Industry certification is a must for IT professionals including MCP, MCTS, MCSA, MCSE, and CCNA. As well, having formal training in software programs is necessary as using software programs incorrectly can lead to technical issues the novice techie may not even realize they have created.

Most businesses seek employees with practical skills as it saves them time and money. Having to instruct new staff is always necessary to give them the lay of the land. However having to provide them with practical training because they lack practical skills is not.