What to Expect in Your First Month as a Paralegal

Paralegal students work hard to get their diploma. When that hard work finally pays off and they find their first job they can use these simple tips to help them succeed:

  • PerseveranceThe number one quality a paralegal can demonstrate is perseverance. They must stick to the jobs they are assigned and complete them no matter how discouraging. They may be faced with piles upon piles of documents, files and websites to research. It is often determination that can help to make or break a case. Perseverance may also mean surviving long hours when deadlines are tight and workload is high. Accepting the challenge will keep new hires on the radar as a go getter and someone who means to get the job done.
  • Written Communication SkillsIn this exciting and challenging role detailed research reports will have to be prepared in manner that a lawyer can read through and understand without question. Drafting a legal argument may also be required in order to prove an intended point that may in the end mean the success or failure of the entire case. Attention to detail, clear thought processes and distinct and concise formatting will help make points clear and provide the document required with professionalism. 
  • Probing Interview SkillsNew hires may be expected to conduct witness interviews. Preparing questions that are clear, to the point and leave no room for misinterpretation will help in the successful collection of the answers and information required.
  • Ethics and ProfessionalismPersonal ethics and professional responsibility will keep the new hire honest and sincere when working with a broad variety of people from many diverse backgrounds and situations. The ability to remain non-judgmental and professional when dealing with clients as well as those on the opposing team will help build an image of integrity and trustworthiness.
  • Prepare to be Humbled: Entering into a new Paralegal position will take a certain amount of humility. A number of junior requests are typical as a new hire and dealing with each task as if it were as important as the next will go a long way to demonstrating a desire to learn and do well. Contributing to the goals of the team should always be the main focus of a new hire, regardless of the position.

Following these tips will help the new Paralegal enter their role with the professionalism and attitude required to succeed.