Web Development: 10 Trends to Look Out For in 2013

Web development is a constantly changing, constantly growing art form. Here are ten 2013 trends that will have the most influence on web page design:

  1. Responsive Web Design: Responsive web design allows web development teams to add fluidity to their web design. Web pages can detect what browser is being used and adapt the layout of the page to meet the requirements of mobile devices, smart phones and PC’s.
  2. Retina Graphics: No this doesn’t allow a web page to use retina identification! It is actually catering to retina screens which are twice as dense as the average screen. This means two sets of images have to be created during web development.
  3. User-friendly Header Bars: The fixed header bar isn’t new, but it is now a must-have for web development. Fixed header bars offer the simplest and most user-friendly navigation which shows users not only where they are going but also where they have been.
  4. Pleasing Photo Backgrounds: This is more of a web designer thing as opposed to web development, but big photos set as backgrounds help ground a site as well as keep people in constant contact with what the site is all about. Using opacity on backgrounds also works well using CSS transparency.
  5. KISS for landing pages: Keep it simple stupid is the trend for landing pages where clear and concise communication and design work best. Get the message across and direct visitors to find their way quickly to the most relevant pages that will result in more conversions.
  6. Quick Response Codes: QR codes built into web pages are a growing trend that allows consumers to scan for deals and other info right from a web site.
  7. Social Media: Badges for all the major social media sites are a must for contemporary online marketing strategies.
  8. Endless Scroll: This is a great experience for the user as they don’t have to click on anything after a search. They can just scroll until they find what they want, or until they get bored!
  9. Toggled Navigation: As part of responsive web design, the toggle navigation design allows for easy mobile navigation.
  10. Box Shadows: Use of deep box shadows is a popular, growing design technique that adds excellent scope to raise brand awareness in one quick glance.

Keeping an eye on growing trends gives web developers an edge in a very competitive industry. If developers aren’t setting trends, they must follow them.