Top Tasks in Business Administration

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A skilled business administrator is someone who not only understands how businesses work, but is also familiar with operations management, human resources, marketing and so much more. To excel in this type of position, you’ll have to develop key skills such as communication, project management, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and strategic business analysis. Your career can take you many places, from starting your own independent company to establishing international relationships on behalf of a prestigious mega-corporation.

If you’re a motivated, driven individual with a passion for big ideas and exciting challenges to tackle, business management training could be a great fit for you.

The day-to-day life

Business is just as much about long-term goals as it is about having good day-to-day habits. Every day, the business administrator takes micro-decisions that can impact long-term planning. Some of his or her duties can include:

  • Establishing and implementing new organizational goals and procedures
  • Overseeing projects and initiatives related to budget and finances
  • Exploring new technologies to introduce in the workplace
  • Negotiating contracts and deals
  • Managing activities related to the organization’s services and products
  • Analyzing data and key performance indicators
  • Identifying areas where the company could improve
  • Appointing new team leaders, department heads and more

From retail to the hospitality industry, there are many different sectors in which a business administrator can get his or her start. Whether you start in an office administration role or in operations management, there are no bad ways to get your foot in the door. Your success as a professional will largely depend on your ability to acquire experience, accumulate skills, stay motivated, take good decisions and help others perform to the best of their abilities.

Top positions

To rise to the top, you’ll need hard work, a proven track record, experience and a little bit of luck. Some of the top executive positions for professionals who may have had their starts as business administrators include:

  • General manager: Responsible for directing the operations of different departments, such as human resources or sales.
  • Chief financial officer: Responsible for overseeing the company’s financial goals and budgets.
  • Chief information officer: In charge of the overall technological direction of the company.
  • Chief sustainability officer: In charge of ensuring the sustainability of the company’s operations, such as environmental considerations and more.

Of course, not everyone becomes a top executive and not everyone wants to. Training from business administration colleges or business management schools, however, will give you the tools you need to perform well in the workplace and be able to react adequately to the challenges of the global economy. With a solid foundation in business, finance, communications, marketing and organizational behaviour, you’ll be well-prepared for a long and exciting career helping businesses and individuals reach new heights.