Time Management Tips for Students

Entering college can challenge many people’s skills and habits and force them to rethink how they have conducted themselves in the past. One of the biggest changes many students need to make is how they manage their time. There are many ways students can improve their time management skills. Here are 5 handy time management tips to assist them:

Plan and Organize

Every student is given a schedule at the beginning of their semester. They can use this schedule to map out time in their personal agendas and this is made even easier with all the Apps and devices available today. Keeping track of assignment and test dates will help students know when work is required and when they need time to study. Keeping an organized work station will also assist in finding books and supplies as they are needed. This will work with students instead of against them when it comes time to sit down and get some work done.


Students should keep a running list of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. They can address those of the most urgency, but also consider how long something might take. Easier tasks can be checked off the list earlier, leaving more time to focus on larger ones, giving students a sense of accomplishment.

Don’t Get Overloaded

From doing favours for friends to social engagements, volunteer work to a part time job, students shouldn’t allow themselves to become overburdened. They should take time for themselves, pace themselves and their work load and learn to say no when their plate becomes too full.

Study Smart

Knowing how to study effectively goes a long way in managing time. Learning to schedule in study time is important for students. If possible, students should schedule a regular study time each day so it becomes a habit. A syllabus can identify key dates in students’ courses. When reading for assignments students should take notes and highlight points that will come in handy for studying. Keeping notes organized and up to date and sharing notes with others to see if they have missed anything works well. Students should not study at the last minute as a) it is too much information to learn effectively in a short amount of time and b) If students have any questions they won’t have time to clarify in class prior to the test.

Factor in the Unexpected

Students should prepare to be flexible as change is inevitable. The only way to do this is allot free time each week students can use to balance their schedule for unexpected challenges.

Sticking to these simple rules will help students get through the school year more efficiently.