Taking the Next Step – a Second Career

With the continuing challenge presented by job loss, many opportunities arise for people to enter a new career. Entering college as a mature student may seem like a less than appealing prospect, but the reality is, with the changing job market and shifts in the trends and demands for new positions, a second career may be exactly what is needed for many of those who find themselves unemployed.

There are growing opportunities in many fields including health care, technology, business and design. There are a few steps perspective students can take to better prepare themselves for entering the world of education:


One of the most daunting prospects of returning to school is the fear of being faced with a large financial burden. Financial aid is available through many varied government channels including:

  • Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
  • Ontario Student Opportunity Grant (OSOG)
  • Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP)
  • Child care benefits and/or bursaries.

If students are currently on unemployment as a result of job loss there are also further government programs designed to retrain them and get them back into the work force. Many banks also offer student lines of credit at reasonable or special interest rates.


For those currently employed or who may have small children, flexible schedules are also available to help them juggle their schedules. From part-time programs to a choice of half day or full day courses, students are able to enter college at their own pace.

Varied Career Opportunities

There are many different courses to offer students the opportunity to enhance their current experience, taking it to the next level with administrative or management studies. The chance to pursue a a new direction to pursue career aspirations in an entirely new field are also available.

A student who may have spent years working in an office in a junior clerical position may discover they wish to pursue a career in accounting or payroll. They may wish to reach for the top and enrol in management or business administration courses. Creative callings are also answered with courses in 3D animation or web design. Technology and health care continue to offer growth and career opportunities such as Community Service Workers, Computer Networking Technology, Medical Office Administrators, Pharmacy Technicians and Personal Support Workers.

Financial aid and flexible schedules make training in high demand fields that much more accessible and realistic for those seeking a career change.