Should You Go to College?

Deciding whether to attend college is a big decision. On one hand, you understand how a diploma can open the door to various career opportunities. But on the other hand, you don’t want to spend years pursuing a diploma. This is a major decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Some people tend to focus on the negative aspect of going to college, such as graduating with student loan debt. But with any life choice, there is bound to be a negative side

If you’re grappling with whether to attend college, here are two reasons to consider higher education.

1. Income potential. 

Going to college doesn’t guarantee a comfortable life. However, people who attend college (on average) earn about $21,000 more than someone with only a high school education. That’s a big difference. This difference in salary opens up a world of opportunities, such as the ability to start a family, purchase a home, plan for retirement, travel and pay off debt.

2. Job satisfaction.

If you attend college and choose an area that you’re passionate about, this contributes to job satisfaction. People without a diploma may accept any and every job – as long as it’s a paycheck. But if you don’t enjoy your work, this can lead to depression, regret and other negative feelings.

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