How to Spot a Healthy, Happy Workplace Culture


After college or university, we spend most of our adult lives in workplace environments, and as a result they can have a profound effect on our stress levels, emotions, and even our personalities. Securing a position with a company that has a positive and healthy work culture is vital for long-term job happiness and satisfied and making it an enjoyable experience to go to work every day. Here are some ways you can spot a happy, healthy workplace culture on your job hunt:

Flexibility and Humanity

The most important thing is to remember that employees are human beings and not machines. In today’s modern and technological age, more workplaces are incorporating flexible hours as well as the option to work remotely – the latter of which allows businesses to downsize on required office space and save money. If applicable, see if you can incorporate schedule changes that help employees maintain a healthier balance between their home and work lives. In many workplaces, a 9am-5pm workday is irrelevant, so consider alternative scheduling methods.

It can also be worth asking about a workplace’s policy for time off for medical appointments or unexpected predicaments such as family emergencies. Having an employer that is flexible and understanding goes a long way in allowing you to love your job long-term.


There’s nothing more frustrating than working in an environment where vague instructions are thrown at you, made worse when you’re criticized for asking for clarification. Don’t be shy to ask about co-worker communication during an interview. You want to work somewhere where you feel safe asking questions and get respectful answers in return.

It can also be insightful to ask about a company’s employee engagement strategy. Some companies hold quarterly reviews to check in with employees and identify room for improvement. Larger companies may choose to distribute annual or quarterly employee engagement surveys to accomplish this. Either way, this is an indication that the employer really cares about the environment they are creating.

Encourage and Recognize Good Work and Attitudes

A happy and healthy organization thrives when those with positive attitudes create minimal drama and do great work, and this should be encouraged to inspire others to follow suit. There’s no denying that every workplace has challenging, difficult days, but taking the time to show appreciation for those who do their best to stay positive or motivate others as they work will benefit the team as a whole.

Providing incentives such as bonuses, gifts, or awards for employees can really create a positive energy. Pizza parties and other small events allow you to interact with fellow employees and make everyone feel truly appreciated – you might even make a few friends amongst co-workers, which is never a bad thing.

In the end, working in a healthy, happy workplace will make you enjoy your job even more and contribute to a happier life. The working world doesn’t have to be a grind – find the right company with the right fit for your life.