How To Deal With Stress, Success and Everything In Between

Here are a few tips to help stay focused when you begin your career.

Dealing with Stress:

Stress can make people lose focus and in turn interfere with their ability to perform to their best ability. Following a few tips will help deal with stress:

  • Go easy on yourself. So many people do not give themselves enough credit where credit is due or allow themselves to make mistakes. No one  is perfect. Learning from mistakes instead of punishing one’s self for them will help maintain focus.
  • Think big. Another common mistake is for people to get caught up in minutia instead of staying focused on the big picture. Think big, not in small details and let things go and move on to complete the job.
  • Stick to routines. Having a way to do things that work, works. Coming up with routines that are effective lessens the amount of decisions one has to make throughout the day. Decision making is stressful and making less of them helps.

Recognize Opportunities

To be successful it is necessary for people to keep their eyes open and recognize opportunities such as:

  • High Profile. Many people misinterpret a junior position in a high profile department as a no go. Determining the opportunity for advancement by seeing where the person who currently holds the position might be going will help open minds to the possibility of faster advancement in a position that exposes them to more opportunity even in a junior position.
  • Be Picky. Many people make the mistake of applying for anything on the job board just to get out of their current position. People who do this look like they lack focus which can make both supervisors and personnel departments pass them over. Being able to demonstrate they have clear goals appears more focused and goal oriented.
  • Personal Skills: Staying focused on personal skills and improving them also helps opportunity find people as opposed to people having to look for opportunity.

Difficult Bosses

Here are some tips to work around a boss who is not supportive:

  • Problem Solve. People who always have a solution to a problem will make them appear more of an asset and the difficult boss will be more open to working with their idea.
  • Provide Details: People who provide the facts to support their requests have better success than those that just keep asking. Showing how a request helps the business using factual data makes it harder to dispute the request.
  • Try Email: Writing simple to the point emails are often appreciated by the difficult boss who doesn’t like to interact with their team.

These tips will help people deal with stress, success and everything in between.