How to Adjust to Living on Campus: Freshmen Year

If you’re headed off to college or university this fall you’re probably experiencing both excitement and nervous jitters. And these feelings are justified since it will likely also be the first time you have gone off and lived somewhere else on your own. There’s no doubt about it – living on campus is very different than living at home with your parents. And it will take you time to adjust, find your comfort zone, and get into your groove. But don’t worry, with these quick tips, you will be easing into your freshmen year in no time.

Meet New Friends And Get Involved

It will feel a little weird at first leaving your best friends from high school and meeting new ones. Often people feel a little guilty making new friends as if they are leaving their old ones behind. But you don’t have to feel bad – they’re probably doing the exact same thing.

Try to make an effort to make some new friend during your first week. You can attend some of the on-site campus activities that are arranged for the new frosh (freshman) students to get out and meet new people. You can also look for any clubs around campus that interest you where you can network and engage with others.

Make Peace With Your Roommate

You may love your roommate right off the bat, but if you two weren’t meant to tango, at least learn to respect each other and be civil. The more effort you put in to getting along, the better it will be to make it through your first year. And no matter how hard you’ve tried, if things are going south fast, talk to a counsellor about switching rooms to avoid any further issues.

Try Everything Out

Some people get into an early routine and they don’t even discover some of the best amenities their school has to offer until their last year. Take the time to really tour the campus – check out all the buildings, restaurants, bars, dorms, and sports fields. You may be surprised what you find.

Don’t Forget To Study

Having newfound independence and freedom isn’t always a good thing. Not if you let it get a little out of control, spend too much time socializing and not enough time studying. Remember why you are really there – to go to class, learn and earn your degree. If you find you are getting behind, take a week to get back on track at the library away from all the campus fun. You probably won’t miss anything too exciting, and you will be happy you got your studies back in gear.

Moving into campus can be a life changing experience. You finally get your first real feeling at true impendance. But if you’re not careful and get carried away, your grades can easily suffer. Enjoy your time on campus but make sure to take the time to make your studies a priority.