Hidden Gems of the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare aideAs we approach Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we can’t help but be reminded of the healthcare industry and the importance of providing a seamless service to those seeking medical attention. Some of the most important roles in healthcare may often be overlooked, but are in fact a necessity in making sure something as standard as your annual check-up or medical examination goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a few crucial roles in the healthcare industry that may have gone unnoticed during your last visit to the doctor, but are essential in seeing you through the assessment of your health in an easy, timely and efficient manner. Take a look at some of the various people you may encounter during your visit to the doctor as well as their roles and functions.

Medical Administration

While doctors and specialists provide patients with the medical attention they want, a sidekick is always needed to keep things running smoothly. Medical office administrator training is an asset in providing and maintaining the best healthcare service possible. Medical office administrators are responsible for ensuring that your appointment goes as efficiently as possible when examining something as important as your health. Here are some daily tasks that an administrator can undergo in a single day:

  • Medical organization
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Sales and purchasing
  • Spreadsheet and report development
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business administration

Behind the scenes of blood testing

An important part of a visit to the doctor often includes having some bloodwork done. While all healthcare seekers can agree that the short period of time in which blood is being drawn is unpleasant, it is a necessary evil in determining the condition and health of your blood and body. Once your blood is collected, it is sent off to be tested and needs the proper instruction and labelling in order to receive the appropriate examination that is required. Graduates of medical laboratory assistant programs can appreciate the extensive training it takes to ensure the correct methods are followed in gaining accurate results, including:

  • Collecting
  • Labelling
  • Filing
  • Handling
  • Storing
  • Preparing

Hospital care

Sometimes further medical attention is needed and a visit to the hospital may be required, however,  without the compassionate services provided by a healthcare aide, a comfortable stay just wouldn’t be possible. Healthcare aides are the people who are responsible for assisting nurses, physicians and other hospital staff members with a wide range of hospital functions, which include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining patients’ rooms
  • Operating equipment
  • Assisting nurses and physicians in caring for patients