Helpful Study Habits

Good study habits can make a big difference in a student’s performance in school. By forming good habits, the student will be able to create an situation in which he or she can focus and absorb the information, without necessarily studying harder or longer.

  • Getting into the habit of finding or creating a study-friendly physical atmosphere is vital. A quiet space, free of distractions allows the mind to focus fully on what it is studying. A desk and chair that allow for good posture ensure that the student will be comfortable during long study sessions. Keeping all of the equipment that will be needed handy and organized in the desk also allows the student to stay focused.
  • A positive mind-set and attitude toward studying is another key habit to form. Students should work on establishing confidence in their ability to learn. If certain study methods are not working, a student should be able to analyze what they are doing and try different methods, rather than becoming discouraged.
  • Using mnemonic devices can be a great habit to establish if the student is having difficulty remembering things. These little memory games, such as making up a rhyme, associating one concept with another, or using the first letter of each item in a list to remember their order, can help some students recall information more easily.
  • The habit of taking down notes is one of the most common, but also highly effective, ways to study. Taking the time to write down the notes, ensures that the important points of the study material have been read and understood, and there is adequate time for each concept to really sink in before moving on to the next one. Also, once the notes are written out, the student has written a condensed study guide of the most important points.
  • Allow enough time for studying. If studying is put off to the last possible moment, panic may set in and the stress and pressure can prevent studying from being effective.
  • Break up study sessions into manageable chunks and allow time for breaks to refresh the mind. Studying shouldn’t be done when the student is tired or frustrated. It is far more effective to approach studying with a fresh, well-rested mind that is ready to really learn.

By establishing these good study habits from the beginning, students should be able to optimize the time and effort that they put into their study efforts.