Healthy Habits for Improved Productivity

healthcare trainingWe come into each day with a limited amount of energy. This can depend on how long you slept for, the kind of mood you are awaking in, and how you have mentally prepared for the day. Sometimes you may find it difficult to get all the required work completed in an 8 hour period, even if it should be possible. With these healthy habit suggestions, you will find that simple changes to your life can offer a huge reward in terms of productivity.


This does not imply you should be sleeping all the time, but rather that you know how to manage your sleep schedule. Early risers with productivity peaks in the morning are said to have higher career success rates. For college diplomas with heavy workloads and which require a knack for memory, like legal assistant training, this rule is especially applicable. We’ve all heard the saying that you should get 8 hours of sleep a night, but how this is obtained truly depends on the person. To be more productive, schedule out your sleep time and keep this schedule regular. Waking up and going to bed will be easy when your body is used to doing it at the same time every day. Additionally, don’t be afraid to take a nap. Rather than trying to fight fatigue in the evening, try sleeping for 15-25 minutes. This has been proven to make you more alert and focused.

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Web site design courses will lead you on a successful career path, but will likely mean working at a desk, which is why it is important to fit exercise into your day. This may seem to contradict the advice of getting enough sleep because most think of exercise as exhausting. In fact, exercise, especially at the beginning of the day, has shown to make you more alert. Taking a 30 minute walk on your lunch break every day has shown to extend your life half a decade or longer. Walking has also been shown to increase creativity, which can help get better work done. Exercising outdoors in the fresh air particularly leads to improved feelings of revitalization and decreased tension, anger and depression.

Manage Your Nutrition

Those in medical office administrator courses will know the struggle of trying to fit in breakfast with such a busy day. We’ve been told since childhood to eat breakfast, and even now schools promote free morning meals. Well, all those campaigns telling us it’s the most important meal of the day are right. Breakfast comes with many benefits, including boosted energy from glucose to the brain, improved metabolism and lowered cholesterol. Even with breakfast, we all still feel the 3 o’clock slump, which means it is also important to have healthy snacks to curb your hunger and keep you focused. If you find yourself spending a majority of your evening buying and cooking dinner when you’d rather be working, consider pre-planning your meals, or cooking in large batches to save yourself some worry.

Here are some other quick productivity tips:

  • Set a timer for each task
  • Eliminate distractions, including loud music and cell phones
  • Write out a to-do list each day
  • Stay organized and keep your desk clutter-free
  • Tell people about your goals – it will hold you accountable