Careers in Social Media

Not only has social media transformed the way we communicate and stay in touch with our friends, it has also revolutionized business. With tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, among others, companies can now interact with customers directly, influencing their decisions.

As a result, social media is now an important tool of global commerce online. And where there is money, there are jobs. In the last decade, we’ve seen the rise of social media specialists, consultants and more. These professionals do much more than liking or retweeting posts. Through shrewd marketing tactics and careful content creation, they can increase awareness of the brand they represent amongst an almost unlimited pool of potential consumers.

Social media marketing today requires good communication skills, access to analytical data and a strong understanding of what consumers are looking for. If you already possess graphic development skills, such as those taught in web development courses or 3D animation colleges, social media marketing may be a logical extension to your career path.

Here are some careers in this field:

Blogger or social media copywriter

Though blogging might seem like a hobby to you, many businesses and marketing firms worldwide employ bloggers and social media copywriters to boost a client’s social media presence. The copywriter must create engaging and accurate content through blog posts, message boards and more, with the goal of increasing a site’s readership. It’s not uncommon for posts to include keywords that redirect readers to a specific website. At the professional level, bloggers and social media copywriters need excellent written skills that enable them to discuss various subjects using different tones (formal, casual, informative, etc).

SEO Specialist

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves employing various techniques so that a company’s website performs better on Google and other search engines. Companies want to be visible on search engines when a potential customer in their area looks up a specific set of key words, which is why they hire SEO Specialists or agencies specialized in this field. The job involves analyzing websites, creating high-quality content and testing various marketing techniques. SEO specialists also use social media websites to market new content, as social media is a quick way to increase the ranking of a specific article of piece of content.

Social media marketing manager

A social media marketing manager is in charge of developing and executing social media strategies for different brands. The goal, of course, is to drive growth, page views and ultimately, business. A social media marketing manager usually possesses business management training, extensive social media experience and uses a number of social media tools to discover the best marketing tactics for each site. The role involves ensuring that strategies are properly explained to the team of social media specialists who will execute them, then evaluating their effectiveness over time.

Online community manager

An online community manager’s role is to ensure that everyone within a specific community attached to a brand, such as one centred around a message board, is having a fun, positive experience. The manager often serves as a bridge between a company and the community. Since he or she interacts with customers directly, the manager usually receives very useful consumer feedback that can then be relayed to the company. An online community manager’s job changes on a daily basis, so he or she must be able to adapt to new situations, online technologies and social media tools. The job can require creating content, such as video editing or image creation, to entertain the community and encourage positive discussions.