Careers in Computer Technology

With most businesses relying heavily on technology and computers these days, the opportunities in computer technology careers are numerous. Careers in computer technology include software development, hardware engineering, and everything in between. It’s a constantly innovating sector that will challenge and stimulate you.

Here are some of the best career options for professionals with a background in computer technology:

Programming & software engineering

Programming is a popular career choice that can be very lucrative, depending on your specialization and skill level. Programming covers different fields like commercial desktop software applications, custom business solutions, database development, web development and computer games. The field of gaming alone offers many possibilities, including mobile gaming and console gaming.

Software engineers are a more specialized group of computer programmers. Software engineers mostly deal with programming desktop applications or customized business solutions. Computer software is often a product of software engineers’ unique problem solving skills and creativity.

Computer Technician

This career involves network administration, troubleshooting and engineering. A computer technician needs to be patient, have good communication skills and an extensive knowledge of computer hardware and software in order to be successful in this career path. They’ve often received training from network administration colleges.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design doesn’t just require the ability to use image editing applications. The graphic designer also needs to have a good sense of style and balance to become successful. Multimedia firms, advertising agencies and the marketing department of different companies are always on the lookout for good graphic designers, especially those with the ability to do both 2D and 3D design, and particularly those who have received training from 3D animation colleges.

Database Administrator

The database administrator has skills in managing, administrating and securing database systems. This role can be extremely important, especially in companies that rely on information and data to conduct their business.

Computer Hardware Engineer

This career involves the actual manufacturing of computer parts, including the programming of the software that is built-in inside computer chips. It involves intimate knowledge of electronics and computing, and requires a good understanding of what consumers want and need.


This career path can requires skills in several fields, like web development, graphic design and network administration. Webmasters were trained by web development courses, and may be assigned to program the backend of a website, design the front-end of the website, upload content, interact with readers or any or all of the above.

Security Specialists

Professionals in this career path deal with securing and protecting computer systems, or entire computer networks, from attacks and malicious acts that may compromise data and information. They are sometimes hired by companies to attack their systems, in order to identify any vulnerabilities.

Computer Support Specialist

This field involves technical knowledge and the ability to handle clients’ concerns and complaints. Computer support specialist need to be patient, sharp, friendly and have good communication skills to keep their clients happy.

Software Tester

Software testers act as quality assurance for software applications. They work with software engineers in determining bugs and errors in software applications before they are released to the public.

As computer technology is an increasingly important part of our society, enrolling in relevant training can lead to a wide variety of careers that will constantly be in high demand.