Best University and College Towns in the United States


America is a sprawling land of educational opportunity, and it is home to a plethora of enriching and renowned institutions from coast to coast. University and college towns offer a hub of activities and opportunities for students to experience when enrolled in the program of their choice. As a result, there are some truly fantastic places out there, just waiting to be discovered by you.

Boston, MA

A melting pot of intellectual energies and stimulating experiences, Boston is home to several prestigious and respected institutions including Boston University, Emerson College, Northeastern University, Tufts University, and the world-famous MIT. In addition, the iconic Harvard University is a mere 15-minute drive away. In short, Boston is the ideal educational destination for every genius-in-the-making or gifted individual keen on learning about history, art, science, medicine, research, and tech-related skills, and there is no shortage of richly engaging internships and placements available throughout what is undeniably one of the country’s most intelligent and knowledge-heavy cities.

Amherst, MA

Home to the University of Massachusetts and Amherst College, here you’ll discover a strong sense of community to the point where it feels like joining a vast, friendly family. The charming small-town feel, combined with Amherst’s sprawling verdant green spaces and idyllic atmosphere, makes for a refreshing learning environment away from the chaos of larger cities. To be so deeply connected with nature and wildlife can do wonders for stressed minds during finals, and to celebrate, the nightlife and entertainment on offer in town is some of the most magical in the state.

Hanover, NH

Hanover’s tiny population of 8,411 brings with it a bevy of benefits that any post-secondary student will surely appreciate. Home to Dartmouth College, the town has a nearly non-existent crime rate, little to no traffic congestion, a meticulously maintained and updated school system, and a friendly, comfortable environment that feels like an oasis of sorts. The town’s small size makes for higher rent rates, but it’s a small price to pay for absolute security, comfort, and peace of mind in today’s angry and frustrated world, enabling you to buckle down and focus on studies free of distractions. That is, unless if you feel like venturing out and enjoying Hanover’s exhilarating nightlife scene or one of many outdoor activities including skiing, hockey, tennis, squash, and health clubs.

Madison, WI

History, art, politics, and music buffs will become enamoured by the University of Wisconsin and surrounding streets of Madison. Enabling access to stimulating lectures, various landmarks and historical attractions, and a thriving art scene, this city also offers a lower cost of living with plenty to see and do. No one can remain firmly glued to a textbook or laptop for the duration of their studies, and Madison offers the perfect harmonization of seriousness and playfulness. There is almost always free live entertainment available throughout the week and weekend, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a shortage of shopping and recreational activities on offer here.

The United States is rich in educational opportunities, but the living and studying environment of any prospective student needs to be engaging, fun, and inspiring. These college and university towns offer a vibrant mix of unique environments that are sure to stimulate the mind and soothe the soul.