Best University and College Towns in Canada


Canada is a sprawling swath of educational delights, offering a dizzying array of unique college and university towns and cities that are sure to excite any prospective student. What makes these places so great depends on your needs, passions, and desires as a student and resident during the time of your studies, but rest assured there is no shortage of wonderful locations open to you.

Sackville, NB

The key ingredient to New Brunswick’s Sackville and Mount Allison University is educational convenience. Home to 2,400 students and boasting an unparalleled instructor to student ratio of 17:1, individuals opting for this town’s charming and laid-back environment will receive more attentive instructor guidance and support. This enables for a less stressful and more positive learning environment, helping you to complete assignments with relative ease and enjoy the small-town delights and affordable entertainment options that Sackville offers.

Kingston, ON

Put on the map as of late thanks to it’s rich historical and educational significance, Kingston is quickly becoming one of Canada’s most popular and exciting college and university towns. This city of around 120,000 citizens is home to 40,000 students, dispersed amongst Queen’s University, Saint Lawrence College, and the Royal Military College of Canada. As a result, you’ll discover a vibrant and diverse array of green spaces, architecturally impressive environments, energetic nightlife, wonderful restaurants, and more. Kingston’s youthful population mingling with its historically significant streets makes for a fun and thought-provoking place to live and study.

Ottawa, ON

Canada’s Capital is also one of the country’s most spectacular education-rich environments. Considering the large presence of governmental, tech, and white-collar employment opportunities, it makes sense that this beautiful city is home to Carlton University, the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, and La Cité Collégiale. Discover the storied charm of an environment impeccably rich in natural and cultural significance, home to several museums, galleries, and studios amidst an ever-increasing youthful arts scene. From Dow’s Lake and The Glebe to the Byward Market and the Bayshore area, there are countless artistic communities and events that come to Ottawa annually. If you’re short on stimulation and yearning for an immersive and richly engaging educational experience, this city is simply perfect. A stunning array of unique programs, field placements, and learning opportunities continually breathes new life into this ever-changing city of culinary, artistic, historical, and tech-focused delights.

Nanaimo, BC

Close to Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo is where any recreationalist’s dreams come true. Containing a plethora of nature trails, outdoor sports, and hearty meals for hearty individuals, it’s a thoroughly bracing and invigorating environment that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Studies are taken very seriously, and instructors are highly dedicated to the skills they specialize in. Combined with its inspirational and stimulating living and recreational environment, Nanaimo is ideal for west-coast students in search of a truly Canadian experience that isn’t afraid to challenge you.

Canada is a country full of wonderful experiences, friendly people, and unique opportunities. This is reflected upon the various college and university towns and cities that continue to attract thousands of students who are eager to learn, discover, and live in peace and comfort. Discover the educational brilliance of these magnificent locations today, and become inspired!