Benefits of Living at Home During College or University

When you decide to go to college or university, there comes a time when you are faced with the decision on whether to live at home or stay on campus. Both have their benefits but if you are looking to save money, staying at home is your best bet. But that’s not the only reason to stay at home during college – there are plenty of good explanations for why staying with your parents is not as uncool as you might think.

Increased Focus

Dorms often are loud and distracting. You may also have a roommate who has a completely different sleep schedule and study habits than you do. Staying at home can help you focus and get the quiet study time you need to get good grades.

Better Food

Having a full fridge at your parent’s place is much better than trying to fend for yourself in the dorms. Often you’re stuck with a mini fridge, make-shift kitchen, and on-campus fast food which doesn’t exactly encourage you to cook or eat the healthiest food. At home, you can enjoy healthy home cooked meals, any time you want.

Avoid Nightmarish Roommates

At home, odds are you don’t need to share a room with someone else. In a dorm, chances are you will have at least one roommate to live with. And unless you can move in with a close friend from home as your cabin mate, you will be stuck with a complete stranger. Sure, there are lots of success stories, but if you and your roommate don’t get along, it could be one really long and dreadful year.

Money For Other Things

Living on campus is expensive – from the rent for the dorms to the cost of food – it can really add up. Instead of paying a fortune and wracking up more debt, you can stay at home and put that money into the bank. You may be able to avoid school debt all together and get ahead of the rest of your friends. Consider all the things you could use that money towards – a new car, a down payment on a house, a trip around the world. The options are endless.

Stay Out Of Trouble

If you’re someone who isn’t very good at resisting peer pressure, living at home may be the better option. On campus, especially for the frosh, there are lots of activities that can tempt you into falling off track. It’s easy to be pressured into attending all the events and parties so that you can meet people and don’t feel lame missing out on the fun. If you live at home you can choose which events to go to without feeling the pressure of dorm mates trying to drag you out every night of the week.

Staying at home doesn’t mean you will be missing out on all the fun or the college experience. You can make friends just as easily staying at home, just as long as you make the effort to meet people in class, in the cafeteria and at social events. So consider skipping the rowdy dorm life and living at home instead. It will save you money and help you stay on track with your studies.