Benefits of Doing a Year Abroad

Taking a year to study abroad can be one of the most enriching experiences a college or university student can make. You get to go out into the world and learn about a new culture, and gain some life experiences that you may otherwise not have found at home. Studying abroad also has the potential to positively influence your world-views, self-confidence and future career path. But those aren’t the only benefits. Read on as we list the top five benefits of doing a year abroad.

Experience New Things

Travelling to a new country allows you to experience new customs, activities, and cultural perspectives. No country is exactly like another when it comes to terrain, food, music, education, traditions and social activities. You will gain a better appreciation of these differences, which can help you develop as an individual and gain a sense of respect and acceptance as you engage with the world around you.

Learn A New Language

Having more than one language under your belt can greatly benefit you in the future. And when you study in another country, you have the opportunity to learn and practice a new language. Many schools also will offer language courses to assist you while you are studying abroad. The more languages you know, the more opportunities will open up to you in the future.

Become More Independent

Being on your own in a foreign country can help you become more independent and also build confidence. When abroad, you won’t have anyone to rely on but yourself when you need to make decisions or solve problems. You really have a chance to grow and develop as your own person, build your strengths, gain new skills, and become more mature.

Advance Your Education And Career Opportunities

Studying abroad can give you an edge when applying to graduate schools and give you a leg up against your competition. It’ll show that you are serious about your studies, have a broader world perspective, and that you can build good relations and leadership skills. Those who study abroad tend to have a larger range of skills, experience in international work or volunteerism. You may even decide to return and work in your host country.

Form Life Long Friendships

When spending time in another country, you have the chance to make new friends. This can open your mind up to other perspectives and even traditions. In many cases, students who have studied abroad form lifelong friendships and have the opportunity to visit friends and return to their host country in the future. This is also a great way to fuel a sense of adventure to explore more of the world and gain new perspectives and experiences.

Doing a year abroad can seem like a scary endeavour but it can open your eyes and mind to new experiences that allow you to grow and develop so much as you engage with the world around you.