Benefits of a Career in Construction


A single construction site may employ a hundred workers, but many current construction workers are nearing retirement age. Pair this with the fact that construction is one of the biggest industries in the country, skilled and trained employees are essentially always in demand. Undergoing pre-apprenticeship training will allow you, as a prospective student, to focus your expertise and find a job quicker.

Career Options

So you have a passion to build, repair, install and reap the benefits of a hard day’s work. You should know that construction is a career branching off into countless different areas and specializations. Careers in construction include:

  • Carpenter
  • Paving work
  • Landscape gardening
  • Machinery installation
  • Appliance and electrical installation
  • Home renovation and construction
  • Heavy industrial construction (such as refineries or power plants)
  • Commercial construction (commercial infrastructure like a shopping mall)
  • Civil engineering construction (highways, sewer lines, bridges, dams)

Pros of a Career in Construction

A certified tradesperson has an annual salary of $50,000-70,000. Needless to say, the money is an excellent reason to join a construction career. While this is true, construction also offers an alternative workday which many find rewarding. As a skilled tradesperson you are not just limited to one workplace, and will often find yourself traveling throughout the region. One construction worker exclaims that he spent considerable time installing water systems for film studios in Los Angeles, where he met an assortment of interesting famous people. Construction and maintenance electrician training is a specialization which would similarly take you to many different workplaces. The great thing about construction is that it is needed everywhere in the world, so options are endless.

It terms of advancing your career, a construction site is organized in a hierarchy. Operators are paid highest, followed by mechanics and labourers. So you see, there is considerable opportunity to rise in position and raise your salary.

Construction in Canada

Canada brings in nearly one million immigrants a year—this is the current demand the construction industry faces. An influx in population means that construction must keep up by constantly adding onto cities by building apartments, condos and commercial facilities. Due to Canada’s growing environmental initiatives, construction workers may work with sustainable architecture colleges in the development of new methods for greener construction technologies in cities.

Canadian cities are not the only regions of the country looking to hire more construction workers. The past decade has seen an increased interest in expanding Canada’s north, both for research and to accommodate a growing population. Some construction endeavors in the north include building research stations, pipelines, and infrastructure for military based in Arctic regions.