Becoming a Law Clerk in Ontario

Law Clerks enjoy a very fulfilling career. Becoming a Law Clerk may not be as difficult as many people suspect. Courses are available that are affordable and flexible and demand continues to offer lucrative opportunities in the legal field.

The Role of the Law Clerk
Law Clerks lead a very exciting life, assisting in all aspects of court cases for both lawyers and judges. They are the key research resource for law firms and can work on many varied and interesting cases for defense or prosecution.

A job heavily reliant on research, Law Clerks will be asked to prepare detailed briefs based on background research on past similar cases and case law. Case law investigation is very thorough and requires a keen analytical mind and an attention to minute details. Often the investigation and research of Law Clerks can help make or break a case. Point in fact: Erin Brockovitch.

Law Clerk courses usually run about 52 weeks and offer opportunity to upgrade to a full associate degree. Areas of study include:

  • Legal theory
  • Law office procedures
  • Legal computer applications
  • Law Clerk responsibilities

As a graduate of the program a career can be pursued with law offices and departments in both the public and private sectors. Duties will entail assisting lawyers and clients with many varied legal services with ample opportunity for growth.

How to Succeed
Accurate Billing is the responsibility of all Law Clerks. Time is charged for all work done on behalf of the client and when research and other duties are carried out without a record of time the firm will have nothing to look to for billing purposes. Preparation when working with lawyers is key to the success of the required assignments.

A lawyer will ask a Clerk to join them in meetings as well as to provide a brief on their next assignment. Being prepared with pad and paper to take notes will ensure the case is dealt with appropriately.

Understanding the needs of the lawyer is important to providing them the proper documentation. Whether they need an email or a complete brief, clarifying with them is very important. Finding samples of past briefs, memos and emails to the lawyer will make certain their expectations are being met. Being deadline oriented keeps a case on track.

All of these details will assist in a successful and fulfilling career in the legal field.