Add to Your Resume This Summer

Polishing up your resume is an important step to try and stay ahead of the crowd. Now more than ever, the state and standards of the workforce are rapidly changing and it can feel overwhelming just to try and keep up. But by focusing on a few important strategies, you can add to your resume this summer to help you stand out and land that position that you’re dreaming of. It’s easier than you think, and by putting in a little extra effort now, it can pay off big time in the future. Here are some steps to consider.

Review Your Resume

First and foremost, you should spend some time reviewing your resume. And we mean really reviewing it with a critical eye. Place yourself in the position of an employer and consider how it might be lacking. For example, could your education section use a boost? Or maybe it’s your lack of experience that could use some attention. By reviewing your resume thoroughly you can get a clearer idea of where to really focus in order to enhance it.

Enhance Your Education

Even if you’ve spent the time getting your undergraduate degree, it often isn’t enough these days to give you that edge against your competition. The best thing you can do is to focus on an area that you’re aiming to work towards and look for some extra courses –whether it’s online, or as a certificate program in a local college – to enhance your education for a particular field. Niching down and boosting your education in a particular field can help you tremendously.

Acquire Hands On Experience

Beyond improving your education, gaining experience is equally – and sometimes more – important than education. This will also depend on the field that you’re aiming towards. But having experience under your belt is one of the most valuable assets you can have on your resume. Consider doing a Co-op program, becoming an apprentice, or even volunteering to gain new skills and experience that is crucial for catching the attention of employers.

Learn New Skills

Not sure what area you want to niche down towards? That’s okay too. But it’s important to not let that keep you in a stagnant state of mind. Even when you don’t know what you want to do, it’s important to still be engaged and learning new skills. You can join a club on campus, or find extra-curricular activities through a group in your neighbourhood, or also volunteer. Being engaged in something helps you interact and network with others, while allowing you to discover more about what you like and don’t like.

Whether you’re eager to land your dream job or are simply looking to get into the workforce and want an edge above the rest, spending the time and effort boosting up your resume in these sort of ways can be a major advantage to help you get ahead.