A Day in the Life of a Medical Office Administrator

Many of us visit our doctor’s offices with a mere smile and nod to the medical office administrator as we hand over our OHIP card and take a seat to wait for our appointments. However without the medical office administrator the doctor’s office could very well fall apart.

A medical office administrator is responsible for running the office and ensuring everything is taken care of from the booking of appointments to the accurate storage of patient records. Here is what a typical day entails for a medical office administrator.

Morning Preparation

From the moment the medical office administrator arrives at work they are expected to get the day rolling as efficiently as possible. This can start with picking up voice mails to address any urgent requests relevant to the day, as well as for messages from any of the practitioners who may be calling to say they are late or have been called away on an emergency.

Charts may be pulled, exam room schedules may be posted and exam rooms may be given a quick once over to ensure they are presentable and fully stocked. Sometimes they may even put on a pot of coffee.

Open for Business

Once the day is prepared, the office will be open for business and the duties will usually include:

  • Returning of patient calls
  • Answering and directing calls
  • Booking appointments
  • Rescheduling appointments should practitioners be unavailable
  • Preparing paper work and forms for incoming patients
  • Making referral appointments for tests and specialists
  • Arranging forms and paperwork for blood tests and lab work
  • Taking payments from patients
  • Handling doctor’s requests such as pulling reports, assisting with prescription renewals and other general duties

Special Duties

Depending on the size of the office, some medical office administrators may also be in charge of ordering supplies, medical billing, managing staff and sometimes even babysitting when a mom is being seen by a doctor.

She may also be responsible for setting up meetings, informing new patients of office policies, booking meetings and taking care of travel arrangement for practitioners.

The Wind Down

As the day winds down the administrator will file away charts, back up electronic records, ensure all calls have been returned and wait until the final patient has been seen.

Exam rooms are given a final once over and the phone system is set for night duty to ensure all messages are received for the next day.