A Career in 3-D Animation

If you are an artist and would love to get a degree in graphic design but aren’t sure what type of a career you could have after college, take it to heart that a degree in 3-D Animation can yield many promising careers.

A few of the fastest growing positions one could get with an degree in 3-D Animation are: web designer, video game designer, layout artist, illustrator, film editor, animator, multi-media designer, art director, architect.

There are many schools such as Herzing College that you can enroll in to take the courses for a degree in 3-D Animation. These courses will allow you to use both hand or computer software to help communicate a company’s ideas. These ideas will serve to educate and captivate a customer’s attention by creating a visually appealing brand that will be used in their advertising and marketing campaigns. You could be hired to work for a design service company; advertising, marketing or public relations firm; or you could always open your own design firm.

If you are an aspiring artist and would love to turn your talents into a career, getting a bachelor’s degree is the first step to getting the training necessary. There are many options available in the workforce today that will be able to put your artistic talents to use for a long, wonderful, prosperous career.

  • Oskar Johannesson

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