6 Time Management Tips for College Students

College students can often meet up with some unexpected time management challenges when they begin to immerse themselves in their studies. Here are 6 crucial time management tips for students:

  1. Take Advantage of Technology: There are very few students out there without a smart phone of some kind. Using the calendar settings on a smart phone will do wonders to help keep college students on track and better manage their study time as well as to make their assignment deadlines.
  2. Concentrate on One Calendar: Some college students make the mistake of jotting down assignments, tests and other appointments in too many places. Getting into the habit of using one calendar or schedule is a student’s best bet to maintain organization and manage their time as efficiently as possible. Taking advantage of the voice recording option on their phones allows them to make notes and set timelines quickly as they arise.
  3. Include Down Time: One of the biggest enemies of time management is forgetting to allot some down time. College students need time to unwind and give their minds a break. Even just a few hours a week will work wonders to help them stay focused when they return to their studies.
  4. Come up with a System: Everyone works differently. Finding the system that will be the most effective way to manage time may take more than one try for some college students. Whether it’s colour coding, switching from a smart phone calendar to a big desk calendar or leaving messages on a phone system as constant reminders, a system that works will keep time from flying by leading to missed appointments and deadlines.
  5. Factor in Flex Time: Many college students make the mistake of being too structured in their scheduling. Time management requires some flex time in which unexpected events can be accounted for and to which time can be allotted. Whether it is an unexpected social engagement a student would hate to miss or a surprise such as a broken computer that throws their schedule out of whack, leaving some breathing room will help avoid disaster.
  6. Time Allotment: Getting a good grasp on how much time studying, researching and writing assignments takes will make sure time is managed wisely.

It is important for students to take control of their schedules as soon as possible and develop some time management skills they can use throughout their studies as well as their careers.