5 Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Those seeking a career in the medical field but are uncertain what area has the best opportunities should consider becoming a Pharmacy Technician.

Pharmacy Technicians are not only growing in demand they also have these 5 great benefits:

  1. With the growing role of the Pharmacist as a source of health information and a valued member of a health care team, they are spending more and more time interacting with patients offering advice as well as counselling on patient care, the proper way to take medications, side effects and even health conditions such as diabetes and menopause. This leaves a large hole in the preparation of prescriptions and customer service.
  2. The wide spread availability and further technical development of Pharmacy Technician courses across Canada has helped develop the role and the general duties a Pharmacy Technician can perform. This means they are in higher demand to assist the Pharmacist.
  3. Training for a Pharmacy Technician position prepares candidates to not only assist with customer service, but to provide services in the dispensary. This works well as Pharmacists spend more and more time behind the counter counselling.
  4. Growing quantities of prescriptions are putting more pressures and demands on pharmacies. Volumes in some pharmacies can reach as high as 900 prescriptions per day.
  5. Working in a pharmacy offers flexible hours; ideal for people with families or multiple interests they wish to pursue. One can work in a pharmacy doing either part time or full time hours and the demand to have technicians behind the counter means they can often use their time as they desire taking hours in a full time capacity some weeks and part time during others.

These are just 5 reasons to become a Pharmacy Technician. The duties of a Technician are also quite varied offering technicians many tasks and duties to keep their interest. Studies include processing prescriptions, compounding, hospital preparation, inventory control, aseptic techniques, record keeping and confidentiality, third party billing, patient care and communication skills. Technicians will also have the opportunity to interact with patients as well as assist in many clerical duties.

Opportunities exist not only in pharmacies but in larger department retailers, health care facilities and hospitals. Pharmacy Technicians are in high demand in Ontario and across Canada making finding a position that much easier.