5 Critical Tips for a New College Student

There are many mistakes new college students can make that will reduce their overall college experience.

Here are five critical tips new college students can use to help them do well:

  1. Stay Connected: It is important to begin forging new relationships as it will provide a supportive community for studying, as well as a network of contacts when students graduate. Building new friendships will also help students maintain a healthy social life which is important during down time. They will have backup when students miss school for personal reasons.
  2. Health First: Finding time to stay active as well as the money to eat a healthy diet can be difficult. Students can look for campus groups to stay active from running clubs to sports teams as well as try to discipline themselves to keep active by exercising each morning. Walking between classes and to school can help keep minds focused, hearts healthy, and muscles strong. Making smart snacking choices such as fruit and veggies instead of chips and sweets is a good start. Bringing a healthy lunch instead of eating fast food can not only save money but provide healthier choices as well.
  3. Don’t Put Things Off: it is easy to put things off such as studying and working on important assignments. Stress can cause students to feel overwhelmed and lose focus. Planning will allow college students to manage their time wisely and recognize they do not have time to procrastinate.
  4. Study for Comprehension: Unlike high school and elementary school where it was enough to memorize the information to pass a test, college requires a far more proactive approach. College students must understand what they are studying in order to gain practical experience. Students who study only for the purpose of memorizing for tests will find they are unable to function properly when it comes to practical applications. Regular studying will help students better understand the material.
  5. Happiness: It is important for students to choose a course that they will love. Finding a career that will pique one’s interests and keep them engaged will allow them to do well in school as well as enjoy a long and successful career. Spending time with friends doing enjoyable activities will keep students happy as well.

Knowing how to establish good student habits as well as how to enjoy themselves will help students reap the benefits of a successful and enjoyable student career.