4 Ways to Gain Experience as a Community Services Worker

According to the Canadian government opportunities for the Community Services Worker will continue to build over the next several years. Increases in the scope and intensity of social needs in many communities across Canada has opened up the need to supply qualified social service workers who can provide the coaching and support required in many varied social situations.

Here are 4 ways to find opportunities to gain community services experience:

Education Sector

The unemployment rate for social workers is very low and even with the introduction of qualified immigrants into the market, all those seeking positions in the community services industry are being easily absorbed. The education sector is an excellent area for entry into the community services area with a high demand for special education teaching assistants. Teaching assistants offer an excellent entry level position into the social services field and accounted for the second highest amount of opportunities in community services. This is an excellent stepping stone leading to Special Education teaching positions as well as opportunities in Early Education. The number of technical education positions more than doubled between 1999 and 2008 offering many positions for social service workers.

Social Services Sector

The introduction of Bill 21 opened many opportunities for social workers seeking positions in the social services sector. The growing trend towards volatile family situations has led to further need for support services for families who find themselves in unstable situations. The growing demands are attributed to increased occurrences of drug addiction, high school drop outs, alcoholism, general stress of the changing dynamics of family situations, the rise of traumatic events and even gambling and behavioural problems.

Income Security Programs

Socio-economic changes have also led to growth opportunities as more people become dependent upon income security programs. Administration of these programs, in hand with the coaching and counselling of those receiving these benefits has opened further opportunities for the Community Services Worker.


Turnover is quite high for the Community Services Worker. Retirement, promotion and the pursuit of furthering education leaves many jobs open on an ongoing basis. In this area the desire to move from post to post as well as to pursue the opportunities that become available in a preferred area of expertise makes for a high turnover.

Taking advantage of these many opportunities will help the Community Services Worker gain they experience they require to break into this high demand field.